Tanzbeschreibung / Stepsheet

New York
(a.k.a. New York New York)
Choreographed by Tony & Sandy Tombs
Description:46 count, partner dance
Musik:It had to be you (Slow Fox)
New York New York by Frank Sinatra
I Don’t Know, But I’ve Been Told by Wesley Dennis or My Maria by Brooks & Dunn

Dance starts with the couple in closed position with the man on the inside of the circle facing out. Feet are together and the weight is on the right foot for the man and on the left foot for the lady. Man starts with his left foot, lady will start with her right foot. The following description is for the man’s foot work, the lady’s is the natural opposite.

1-4 Turn ¼ left & step forward with left foot (turning away from partner), touch right toe next to left foot. Turn ¼ right and step side with right (to face partner), touch left next to right
5-8 Repeat above section
Max’s Note: You are moving from closed position into promenade, then back to closed-technically the amount of turn out to assume promenade position should only be 1/8 instead of ¼, but I am using the original cue sheet.
1-4 Turn out ¼ left (promenade) and step forward with left, step forward & across with right, step side left turning ¼ right (closed position), touch right next to left

5-8 Grapevine right- step side with right foot, cross left behind right, step side right, cross left over r ight,
9-10 Step side right, touch left next to right shuffle steps with man going around lady (next section)
Man will raise lady’s right hand with his left and shuffle under that arch. He will then shuffle backwards around the lady’s right side. By the third set of shuffles he should be should be shuffling around the lady’s back going to his left. He is shuffling to the right around the lady. The lady will assist by shuffling to her left on the first set of shuffles and then forward on the second set of shuffles. While the man is going around her back, she should be shuffling to her right.

1&2 Left shuffle-left, right, left
3&4 Right shuffle-right, left, right
5&6 Left shuffle-left, right, left
The lady will continue to shuffle forward. The man will catch up to her positioning himself on the inside and will be taking her right hand over her head and down to her waist. Meanwhile she will position her left hand at the right side of her waist so that he can pick up the hand with his right. You should be in wrap position by end of the first set of shuffle steps and heading side by side down the dance floor facing the line of dance (LOD).
7&8 Right shuffle-right, left, right
1&2 Left shuffle-left, right, left
3&4 Right shuffle-right, left, right
5-8 Walk forward left, right, left, hitch right knee
1-4 Walk forward right, left, right, hitch left knee step together, step touch
The man will release the lady’s right hand and continue to hold onto her left while the lady’s foot work will allow her to roll out (right, left, right, touch left) to the outside of the circle. A total of one full turn.
5-8 Step side with left, step together right, step side left, touch right next to left
The man will pull the lady back towards him releasing her hand shortly after the „pull“ to allow her to turn freely back into closed position. The lady’s foot work will allow her to roll back (left, right, left, touch right) in towards the man. A total of 1 & ¼ turns.
1-4 Step side right, together left, step side right turning ¼ right, touch left next to right foot.

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