Tanzbeschreibung / Stepsheet

I ‚ll take texas / the double tap
Choreographed by Leane McKenzie 10-May-1998
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance
Music: I’ll Take Texas by Clint Black

1-4 Grape Vine to right, tap left together
5-6 Step left back, tap right together
7-8 Step right to right, tap left together

9-12 Grape Vine to left, tap right together
13-14 Step right forward, tap left together
15-16 Step left to left, tap right together

17-18 Step right to right, hold
19-20 Tap leftt toe behind right, tap left toe behind right
21-22 Step left to left, hold
23-24 Tap right toe behind left, tap right toe behind left

25-26 Touch right toe to right, hitch right and ¼ turn to the left
27-28 Right 45, right brush-up
29-30 Step right 45, left together and clap
31-32 Step left back 45, right together and clap


Dieses Stepsheet wurde von Rapeepun Wolfsperger gemacht am 29.11.05

Stepsheet 'I ‘ll take texas / the double tap' as PDF: I ‘ll take texas / the double tap.pdf

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