Choreographed by Ellen Kiernan 24-Oct-2003 Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance Music: Drinkin‘ Bone by Tracy Byrd Kerosene by Miranda Lambert POINT SIDE, CROSS IN FRONT, 4 TIMES 1-2 Point right foot to … Weiterlesen

Choreographed by Chris Kumre30-Oct-1999 Description: 32 count, 2 wall, intermediate line LD Music: I Need to Know by Marc Anthony Dimelo by Marc Anthony POINT, & POINT, & KNEES, ¼ TURN KNEE ROLL. HOLD, SIDE, … Weiterlesen

Choreographed by Neil Hale 18.05.1998 Description: 32 count, 1 wall, line dance Music: Still Cruisin‘ by The Beach Boys Cruisin by Dave Sheriff CROSS BREAKS AND CHA-CHA-CHA’S: 1-2 Left cross over right; right rock-step back … Weiterlesen

Choreographed by Betty Clarke 17.07.1999 Description: 48 count, 4 wall, intermediate waltz line dance Music: Waltz Across Texas by Ernest Tubb CD: The Very Best Of Ernest Tubb Country Line Dancing ] ] TWINKLES, ½ … Weiterlesen

(a.k.a. Bop; CC Shuffle; Sidekick) Choreographed by Unknown 7.12.1998 Description: 24 count, 4 wall, line dance Music: Little Long-Haired Outlaw by Chris LeDoux Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy by Chris LeDoux This dance was … Weiterlesen

Choreographed by Teree Desarro 10.05.1998 Description: 32 count, 4 wall, line dance Music: Walkin‘ The Country by Keith Urban & The Ranch Most Awesome Linedancing Album Vol. 3 WALK, WALK, WALK, KICK, BACK, BACK, LEFT … Weiterlesen

Choreographed by Diana Dawson 2-May-2001 Description: 36 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance Music: Murder On Music Row by George Strait With Alan Jackson Adalida by George Strait RIGHT HEEL, HOOK, SHUFFLE FORWARD, LEFT HEEL, … Weiterlesen

Choreographed by Kathy McKee 9-May-1998 Description: 36 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance Music: Country Club by Travis Tritt TWO KICK-BALL-CHANGES 1&2 Kick right forward, quickly step on right then left 3&4 Kick right forward, … Weiterlesen

Choreographed by Barrie R. Godfrey 19-Dec-2000 Description: 52 count, 4 wall, intermediate line Music: Corazon Espinado by Santana If I Fall You’re Going Down With Me by The Dixie Chicks STEP RIGHT, CROSS BEHIND, RIGHT … Weiterlesen

Comment Tu Dis (Amour En Espagnol) Choreographed by Norman Dery20.04.2001-2 Description: 48 count, 1 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance Music: Como Se Dice by The Sweethearts Of The Rodeo [ 106 bpm / CD: Steppin‘ Country … Weiterlesen