Tanzbeschreibung / Stepsheet

Choreographed by Jan Wyllie 9-Apr-2001
Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate
Music: I Sang Dixie by Dwight Yoakam

1-2- Rock/step back on right, rock forward on left
3&4 Shuffle forward right, left, right
5&6 Pivot Turn making a ½ turn right shuffle backwards left, right, left
7-8 Rock/step back on right, rock forward on left

9-10-11-12 Jazz Box step right over left, step back on left, step right to right, step left beside right
13-14-15-16 Repeat last 4 counts (which is a jazz box step)

17-18 Rock/step forward on right, rock back on left
19&20 Pivot Shuffle: making ½ turn right back over right shoulder shuffle forward right, left, right
21-22 Step forward on left, touch right behind left
23-24 Step back on right, touch left heel forward

25-26 Rock/step forward on left, rock back on right
27&28 Shuffle back left, right, left
29-30 Stomp/step back on right, hold
&31&32 Making ¼ turn right bounce up down up down

Dieses Stepsheet wurde von Rapeepun Wolfsperger gemacht am 29.11.05)

Stepsheet 'Song Of Dixie' as PDF: Song Of Dixie.pdf

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