Tanzbeschreibung / Stepsheet

Cherry Blossom Cha Cha
Choreographed by Val Reeves
Description:32 Count,2 Wall,Partner Dance
32 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance
Musik:Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado

1-2 Rock forward right, rock back left
3&4 Right triple step, turn ½ turn right
5-6 Left step forward, pivot ½ turn right
7&8 Left shuffle forward

9-10 Right long step to right, slide left take weight on left
11&12 Right shuffle forward
13-14 Left long step left, right slide and take
weight on right
15&16 Left shuffle backward

17-18 Right rock back, left rock forward
19&20 Right triple step turning ½ turn left
21-22 Left step back, kick right forward
23&24 Right coaster step

25-26 Walk forward left, walk forwards right
27&28 Left shuffle forward
29-32 Right step across left, left step back, right step right, turn ¼ turn right, left step in place (jazz box)

Notice: by partner dance turn ½ turn right Jazz Box

Stepsheet 'Cherry Blossom Cha Cha' as PDF: Cherry Blossom Cha Cha.pdf

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