Tanzbeschreibung / Stepsheet

Choreographed by Joshua Rilzeff 19.09.2005
Description: Phrased, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance

Music: Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain [ 157 bpm Twostep / CD: CD Single / CD: The Woman In Me ]

Start on the next first beat after she laughs, and the beat is 1 2 3 4 (boom boom BOOM silent) and be careful because the articulated sounds alternated back and forth to (Silent Boom silent Boom)

Start with your right foot
1-2 Sugar foot (toe heel) (touch the toe right foot to the midriff of the settled (left foot, then the heel)
3 Stomp (stomp you’re right foot out in front with the beat)
4 Pause
5-8 Repeat with left
9-12 Repeat with right
13-16 Repeat with left
This is always repeated 4 times
5 Step back on you’re right foot
6-7-8 Hold
9 Touch you’re left heel to the center of you’re right foot
10 Hold
11 Put you’re left down next to you’re right foot
12 Hold
13-14 Right heel touch (to the middle of you’re left foot and put you’re foot down)
15-16 Left heel touch
17-18-19-20 Left side step twice (think of left together left together)
21-22-23-24 Right side step twice (right together right together)
25-26 Left side step once
27-28 Kick you’re right foot out twice
29 (Don’t put you’re right foot down until now) step back on you’re right foot (foot points to the wall to the right)
30 Touch you’re left toe to the midriff of you’re right foot
31 Step you’re left foot out so it faces the left wall (you’re feet should make ½ turn)
32 Follow with you’re right foots they both face the new direction to you’re left (you’re about to use you’re right foot again)
(4 count hold) repeat (just this time hold)
(No hold) repeat 3x
20 count hold then repeat (when she say „when I’m cooking dinner and i burn it black he better say, „umm I like it like that yah“ you turn when she say umm so you can add an optional pelvic trust to spice things up)
(No hold 3x repeat)
(8 count hold) repeat
Repeat (no hold)
28 count hold
33-34-35-36 „Shimmy“ (to you’re right) „shake“ (thrust you’re hips to the right) ((„) denotes her words)
35-36-37 „Make the earth quake“ (stomp right then left the right foot)
38 Hold
39-40-41 „Kick“ (you’re right foot out in front) „boom“ (put you’re right foot around the front of you’re left foot, behind the heel of the left foot)
42 „Turn“ (¼ turn turn, you’re feet should end up the same line ’straight together‘)
43-44-45 „Stomp“ (right foot out to the right) „stomp“ (left foot out to the left)
46 Hold
47-48-49 „Then you jump“ (jump and land on the third beat (the word jump))
50 Hold
51-52 “ Heel to toe“ (touch you’re right heel to the midriff of you’re left foot then the toe)
53-54 “ And doe c doe“ (same turn without the kick)
Then repeat counts 1-32

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Stepsheet 'Any Man Of Mine' as PDF: Any Man Of Mine.pdf

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  1. Sabrina sagt:

    i love the song any man of mine. 😀

  2. Andrew H sagt:

    This is sooo Josh, lol 🙂

  3. Frieda sagt:

    Hello, just wanted to mention, I loved this
    post. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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