Hawaiian Hustle Choreographed by Sue Shotwell/ May 1998 Description: 64 count, line dance Music: Early In The Morning by Hank Williams Jr. :Wild Wild West POINT, TOGETHER, STEP SLIDES 1-2 Point right foot front, bring … Weiterlesen

Gozar La Vida Cha Cha Choreographed by Beryl Aston Description: 32 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance Music: Gozar La Vida by Julio Iglesias LEFT, RIGHT, TURN, CHASSE RIGHT, CROSS ROCK, TURN, SHUFFLE 1-2 Step … Weiterlesen

Go-Go Stomp (a.k.a. Down In A Ditch) Choreographed by Gloria & Emmit Nelson 29-May-1998 Description:68 count, 1 wall, line dance Music:Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain TOE-HEEl STEP, STOMP, HOLD (REPEAT 4 TIMES) 1 … Weiterlesen

God Blessed Texas (a.k.a. Little Texas Stomp,1998) Choreographed by Shirley K. Batson Description: 32 count, line dance Music: God Blessed Texas by Little Texas THE DANCE 1 Left foot step diagonally to the front left … Weiterlesen

Getcha Good Choreographed by Audrey Watson Description:32 count, 2 wall,beginner/intermediate line dance Music:I’m Gonna Getcha Good (Red CD) by Shania Twain TOE, HEEL, SHUFFLE FORWARD. TOE, HEEL, SHUFFLE BACK 1-2 Right toe to left instep, … Weiterlesen

Follow Your Dream Choreographed November 2002 by Barrie Godfrey UK Step Description Provided by David J. McDonagh Internet Address: www.djmukonline.co.uk Description: 4-Wall, 32 Count, Intermediate Line Dance Choreographed to: „All I Have To Do Is … Weiterlesen

Enchantment Choreographed by Jo Thompson/ 4 Jun 2001 Description: 32 count, 4 wall, intermediate LD Music: Land Of Enchantment by Michael Martin RUMBA BOX 1-2 (S) Step forward with left foot, hold 3-4 (QQ) Step … Weiterlesen

Dancing On A Saturday Night Choreographed by Maggie Gallagher/13 Jun 2002 Description: 64 count, 2 wall, beginner/intermediate Music: Dancing On A Saturday Night by The Deans ROSS ROCK, RIGHT CHASSE, ½ TURN CHASSE, RIGHT SAILOR … Weiterlesen

Country Lambada Choreographed by Roz Morgan Description: 40 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance Music: Lambada by Chico DeOliveira Party Time by Gloria Estefan Conga by Gloria Estefan DOUBLE SIDE TOGETHER SIDE 1 Step right … Weiterlesen

Country Girl 32 count, 4 wall line dance Choreographer 09.05.1998 Music:Is Anybody Goin‘ To San Antone by Texas Tornados SIDE LEFT, RIGHT TOGETHER; LEFT FORWARD, TOUCH RIGHT 1-2 Step left to left; step right beside … Weiterlesen