I Feel Lucky (Partner Dance) a.k.a. Branding Iron Choreographed by Charlotte Buehrer03.10.2000 Description:48 count, beginner/intermediate line/partner dance Musik: I Feel Lucky by Mary Chapin Carpenter Tulsa Shuffle by The Tractors Honky Tonk Attitude by Joe … Weiterlesen

Bump and Grind Description: 4 Wall Line Dance, 32 Counts, Beginner Level Choreographer: Bill Bader 604-684-2455 billbader@hotmail.com Music: „Memphis Women And Chicken“ by T. Graham Brown (112 bpm) CD: Wine Into Water (Bump And Grind … Weiterlesen

Sex Trap Choreographed by: Tim Ruzgar, Rob Fowler And Paul McAdam (UK) Description: 32 Count, 4 Wall Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance Music: „Sex Bomb (Peppermint Disco Radio)“ by Tom Jones/Mousse T (125bpm / INTRO:32C / CD … Weiterlesen

Pizziricco 32 count, 4 wall, Beginner Choreographer Dynamite Dot (UK)29.11.1999 Choreographed To Pizziricco by Mavericks Section 1 Walk Forward, Toe Point To Left, Walk Back, Toe Point To Right. 1 – 3 Walk Forward – … Weiterlesen

West Point Grey Blues Description: 4-Wall Line Dance, 32 counts, Easy Beginner Level Choreography: Coordinated by Bill Bader from input by class members of the West Point Grey Lawn Bowling Club, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. To … Weiterlesen

Three Quarter Cha Cha Description: 4-Wall Line Dance, 40 Counts, Upper Beginner Level Choreographer: Bill Bader Music: Any „cha-cha“ song with a tempo from 90-112 bpm and with consistent phrases of 8. Signature Song „Shine, … Weiterlesen

Jambalaya Joe Description: 4 Wall Line Dance, 32 Counts, Upper Beginner/Low Intermediate Level Choreographer: Bill Bader Music: Cajun music is recommended for this Cajun-style dance. Signature Song: „Jambalaya (On The Bayou)“ by Eddy Raven & … Weiterlesen