Macarena Samba Choreographed by Derrick Goh 14.12.2002 Description: Phrased, 1 wall, intermediate line dance Music: Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) by Los Del Rio Sequence: Start after 32 counts. AB, AB, BA, B(1-16), TAG, B(17-32), AA, … Weiterlesen

I Said I Love You (a.k.a. Bell’s Love) Choreographed by Teresa Lawrence & Vera -Fisher 21.02.2002 Description: 68 count,2or 4 wall, intermediate LD Music: I Said I Love You by Raul Malo CD: Line Dance … Weiterlesen

Flash Dance Choreographed by Louise Murphy 2.10.2001 Description: 64 count, 4 wall, intermediate Music: Flashdance…What A Feeling by Irene Cara WALK WALK, HIP BUMPS, ROCK RECOVER, TRIPLE ½ TURN 1-2 Step forward left, right 3&4 … Weiterlesen

Fais Do Do Choreographed by Michelle Chandonnet 26.02.2001 Description: 64 count, 4 wall, line dance Music: Fais Do Do by Charlie Daniels: Most Awesome Linedancing Album Vol. 2 STEP RIGHT, SLIDE, CROSS STOMP, HOLD, REPEAT … Weiterlesen

Honky Tonk Cha-Cha (Solo) Choreographed by Don Deyne 10.05.1998 Description: 32 count, Intermdiate LD Music: Honky Tonk Moon by Randy Travis Slow to moderate cha-cha LUNGE LEFT ACROSS RIGHT, RECOVER RIGHT, SHUFFLE LEFT 1-2 Rock … Weiterlesen

Dirty Dancing Choreographed by Pat & Amanda Reynolds29.05.98 Description: 36 count, 2 wall, beginner/intermediate line/contra dance Music: I Had The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes SIDE ROCK, RECOVER, CHA-CHA 1 … Weiterlesen

Come Dance With Me Choreographed by Heidi Leigep-Brown 11.04.2001 Description: 48 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance Music: Dance With Me by Debelah Morgan 116 bpm / CD: Dance With Me ROCK LEFT FORWARD, ROCK … Weiterlesen

Cowgirl’s Twist Choreographed by Bill Bader 22.02.2001 Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner line dance Music: What The Cowgirls Do by Vince (Millenniums Greatest Line Dance Party ) HEEL-TOE STRUTS: RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT 1 Step forward with … Weiterlesen