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Cowboy Cha-Cha (a.k.a. Traveling Cha-cha) Choreographed by partner/circle dance Description:80 count, Musik:My Maria by Brooks & Dunn Looking For A Thing Called Love by Dennis Robbins Position: Begun in side-by-side position BASIC CHA-CHA: BOTH: 1-2-3&4 Rock forward left, recover right, shuffle back left 5-6-7&8 Rock back right, recover left, shuffle forward right 9-10-11&12 Rock forward […]

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Graceland stepsheet Choreographed by Jenny Rockett 10.05.1999 Description:36 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance Music: Elvis Rhumba by Tony Clive Black Eyes, Blue Tears by Shania Twain STEP-HOLD / SHUFFLE FORWARD / STEP-HOLD / SHUFFLE FORWARD 1-2 Step forward on right foot, hold position for one count 3&4 Shuffle forward on left-right-left 5-6 Step forward […]

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Cotton Eyed Joe (LindanceStompers) Choreographed by Rapeepun Wolfsperger 02-01-2008 Description: Intro& 32count, intermediate Line/circle dance Musik: Cotton Eyed Joe by The Rednex Get Into Reggae Cowboy by The Bellamy Brothers Abfolge: ABABC(no turn), ABABA, C, C, C, C…till the end of music Position Circle dance: Face LOD and move around the dance floor (same footwork,same […]

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Country Girl 32 count, 4 wall line dance Choreographer 09.05.1998 Music:Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone by Texas Tornados SIDE LEFT, RIGHT TOGETHER; LEFT FORWARD, TOUCH RIGHT 1-2 Step left to left; step right beside left 3-4 Step left forward; touch right beside left BACK (DIAGONAL RIGHT) RIGHT, LOCK, RIGHT, LOCK 5-6 Step back to […]

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Rivers Of Babylon Choreographed by John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance Music: Rivers Of Babylon by Boney M MOVING RIGHT: CROSS FRONT, SIDE, BEHIND, SIDE, SHUFFLE ACROSS, SIDE ROCK 1-2-3-4 Cross left over right, step right to side, cross left behind right, step right to side 5&6 Cross […]

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Cannibal Stomp Choreographed by Lisa Firth 9-May-1998/Australia Description: 72 count, 2 wall, line dance Musik: Cannibals by Mark Knopfler [Golden Heart] Position: Feet together weight on the left foot. Dance starts after drum beats at instrumental and continues at the end to finish the dance SIDE RIGHT, HOLD, LEFT ACROSS, HOLD, SIDE RIGHT, HOLD, LEFT […]

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